Newsletters Life+ project Mermaids

Newsletter 6 Life+ project Mermaids
anuary 2017
Overview of news and events throughout 2016. In December 2016, Plastic Soup Foundation organized the closing event of the Mermaids Life+ project and published the Good Practice Guide for consumers.

Newsletter 5 Life+ project Mermaids
December 2015
The release of the Mermaids “Striptease” clip has caught a lot of attention to the issue of the release of microfibres during washing processes. The latest news on microfibres and the events where the Life+ Mermaids program has been intruduced are reviewed in this newsletter.

Newsletter 4 Life+ project Mermaids
October 2015
The first results of the project show remarkable facts about the release of microfibres from clothing.

Newsletter 3 Life+ project Mermaids
July 2015
A year after the launch of the campaign, this newsletter reviews the actions and the events taken place since the beginning of the project.

March 2015: Newsletter 2 Life+ project Mermaids

December 2014: Newsletter 1 Life+ project Mermaids